About us


Zipspeed Courier Services was established in 2000.

Zipspeed Courier Services has evolved into an innovative leader in the transportation industry.

Our mission has always been to offer the most reliable and personalized shipping experience possible, and to maintain the highest quality of integrity and to remain loyal to our customers.

Zipspeed is fully equipped with trucks trailers and vans and can handle all your transportation and logistics needs.


1. Full truck load (FTL)

2. Less than truck load (LTL)

3. Consolidated Courier

4. Pickup and deliveries

5. White gloves service

6. Appointment scheduling

7. POD confirmation

Our Core Values that define our work and our success is:

Integrity: We are consistently honor our commitment to each and every customer

Excellent: We strive to achieve the highest standards of value distinction and excellence in all

aspects of our work.

Stewardship: We conducts business in ways that manage a lot of our resources fairly and responsible.

Everything we do at Zipspeed reflects these core values, and we constantly strive to improve.


How We Work

If you’re shipping freight in South Florida, Zipspeed has all the logistics in place